The despised Houston Astros are on the verge of going to the World Series after game 6 ALCS win

In an event that would be so 2020, the Houston Astros are just one win away from going to the World Series, after their 7-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday night in game 6 of the ALCS. This forces a deciding game 7 on Saturday night that will be great for baseball but terrible for the principle of being an honest organization.

Those words may sound harsh, but the Houston Astros were found guilty of a cheating scandal (story HERE) and if they weren’t playing in front of empty stadiums because of the Coronavirus pandemic they would be getting booed in every game they played on the road.

But to level out this article. They are not talentless. And this label has infused them with the will to prove the world wrong. They’re wrong but they think they’re right. And boy, do they have the opportunity to do that.

The Astros were actually down 0-3 to the Rays in this series. This had everyone who wanted justice in major league baseball chilling the champagne in anticipation that there might actually be something gone right in 2020.

But alas, this disappointing year has not let up. The Astros have to be considered the favorite going into their must win and must watch game tomorrow.

Interesting enough, and I mentioned this earlier, this is good for baseball.

The masses will be in front of the TV rooting for either the Atlanta Braves or the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series should the Astros get there, hoping for karma to finally catch the villainous squad from Houston on the game’s highest stage.

But it might not catch them. And then what we’ll we all tell our kids then? “Cheaters can win”?

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