Morality wins, MLB ratings lose as Tampa Bay Rays vanquish controversial Houston Astros

As nature and the sports gods both commanded, the Tampa Bay Rays eliminated the Houston Astros in game 7 of the American League Championship Series, with a 4-2 victory on Saturday night.

First off, we all need to slow clap this feisty Rays club. They can pitch. They can hit. Really, none of that matters because they set the scales of the sports justice world right. These Astros were strong enough to win it all. They clawed back like a bad villain in a horror movie from an 0-3 series deficit and we all expected the worse. This wasn’t just sports David beating a corrupt Goliath. This was a sport exorcism that eliminated these cheating demons from Houston out of our lives. At least for a couple of months.

That being said, World Series ratings will lose.

The Astros, the most hated team in sports competing for a championship would have draw a swarm of haters. These haters also have eyeballs. Eyeballs that would have watched this World Series.

Now they’ll lose interest. Most likely anyways. Tampa can’t even sell seats in their own stadium for the series, they certainly can’t get people to watch them on TV.

Major League Baseball advertisers would have loved an Astros vs. Dodgers series. Who cares about right and wrong? We need ratings. We need viewers with dispensable income. Right?

It’s a strange and ironic compromise really. It’s right for the world. But wrong for baseball. Try and figure that out. If you can, let me know the answer.

But the bad team from Houston is gone. And that should be celebrated.

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