Dancing With The Stars: Carrie Ann Inaba gets virtual jeers and Johnny Weir has a close call

An excellent episode of Dancing With The Stars on ABC on Monday Night, with a great performance by one of the judges, some controversy involving another, and some real tension during the elimination that almost sent a high scoring favorite home early.

First, we have to applaud show judge Derek Hough and Haley Erbert for reminding us of greatness with their performance at the halfway point of the program. There was a lot of controversy tonight but their excellence was not one of them.

Before we talk about the elimination we’ve got to talk about crowd favorite and Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, who had the lowest score of the night after a slip up during her performance. Social media flocked to her defense and it apparently worked. If she does get eliminated, it won’t be pretty.

While Skai Jackson wasn’t sent home tonight, another favorite almost was. At the end of the night it was figure skater Johnny Weir, who a week ago scored very highly, matched up against superbowl champion football player Vernon Davis.

In a split vote it was Davis who was sent home. But that’s not what people were talking about after the credits rolled.

It was judge Carrie Ann Inaba, who pinged the jeers twice tonight. The first time was during Kaitlyn Bristowe’s score reveal where she actually issued some constructive criticism on the Bachelor star and gambler’s favorite to win it all. This prompted boo’s from the virtual noise machine. It didn’t change much, she still gave Bristow a 9 for a total score of 27 which kept her at the top of the leaderboard.

And the second time was when she chose to save Davis over Weir. Social media didn’t care too much for that call, but that decision too did not matter at the end of the night with Weir moving on to next week.

Great episode tonight. See you next Monday!

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