It’s perfectly okay if John Wall wants to play cards during his TV interviews

Earlier this week, NBA Superstar and Washington Wizards guard, John Wall, was on ESPN getting interviewed. He talked about recovering from injury, the NBA bubble, and the Dallas Cowboys. Pretty standard stuff for an interview.

Except he was also playing cards.

Wall found himself trending on Tuesday morning because of his multi tasking. Most of it was favorable with many of it finding it humorous.

And that’s okay. The truth is that there are a lot of interviews that don’t really require 100% attention.

I do a lot of TV and radio and multi tasking is actually essential. If I’m talking to a two person team on the air, one is usually hosting the discussion and the other is online or planning the next part of the show. If it’s a panel, the others participating in the discussion might glance at their phone too.

It happens all of the time.

Now there is a point of discussion on whether playing cards was an advisable additional task for an interview with a nationwide digital audience. It’s still not a really big deal.

Really, I thought it made the whole spot more endearing. It was pleasantly casual. Almost like sitting around the table with a bunch of friends. They should have showed the entire flow of the game.

Now, one aspect of Wall’s career that isn’t endearing is the problem with the Washington Wizards. That team has a lot of challenges. There can’t be any non basketball multi tasking when the struggling Wizards take the floor next season. That’s for sure.

You can watch the interview below.

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