The Bachelorette: Strip Dodgeball and an abrupt sendoff makes viewers cringe

Well, the second episode of The Bachelorette on Tuesday night certainly left an impression on viewers. The longtime winner on ABC added, well, a memorable episode for die hard fans to reflect on.

Clare Crawley’s awkward movement as the Bachelorette continued and actually had some fans turning against her on social media.

The majority of that tension came during a group date when she insisted the men vying for hand in marriage participate in a game of strip dodgeball. Well, they did and everyone involved including host Chris Harrison, looked terribly uncomfortable as the losers walked around with a black censor bar over their private places for a longer period of time than many would have preferred.

Viewers questioned the decision by show runners to air that footage and ask themselves whether it was right or wrong regardless of the gender of the participants. Many believed the controversy would have been worse if it were women playing strip dodge ball on the Bachelor for a potential groom. She also awarded time to Blake, who lost the challenge but barged in on the party anyways.

Then there was the talk with Brandon, who showed up terribly uninformed on who Clare actually was before coming on The Bachelorette. This was a divisive moment, with some taking Clare’s side because someone who would want to marry her should be better prepared, while others sided with Brandon because they believed Clare was acting like a diva.

The show’s much teased “blow up” moment didn’t happen this week but producers continued to throw it at viewers during the preview for next week’s episode. Dale continues to be the favorite but only as long as Clare is still the Bachelorette. Many believe the two will run off together opening the door for Tayshia to finish the season.

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