AOC playing video games with influencers needs to be remembered the next time D.C comes after content producers

On Tuesday night members of the U.S House Of Representatives, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, sat down and played “Among Us” with a group of video game influencers in a broadcast in front of 700,000 people.

This was an effort to get out the vote before next month’s election.

It was a PR win for them and it’s likely we haven’t seen the last of lawmakers sitting down with gamers and new media content producers, especially as more Millenials began to run for office.

And it was also a win for the video game industry. While AOC and Omar don’t pass a lot of legislation in Washington, they should signal to the rest of the lawmakers up there who want access to younger voters to keep the red tape out of our way.

This means overreaching measures like controlling content, accessing technology, or anything getting between the consumer and the developers. It should be a government free process.

Keep in mind that in previous years video games have often been blamed for gun violence, falling graduation numbers, and an increase in crimes committed by young people the community. This has lead to lawmakers jumping on the stump to push their agendas at the expense of the industry.

We need to be paying attention because there will be other lawmakers that will want to use the audiences that we have at our disposal to get votes, and will all of the sudden get amnesia when bad bills land on their desk.

It’s not unlike the member of Congress who takes pictures with animals at a wild life reserve, then returns to work and immediately cuts funding for those kind of operations. Things like that happen all of the time.

And the experience should be used to try to encourage these kind of tech jobs. Video game development is good work and D.C should embrace career paths that take inspired young gamers to that vocation.

Finally, we have to remember. And we have to hold lawmakers accountable that pretend to be allies to our passions when we give them access to our audiences. It should always be a beneficial relationship.

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