Final Presidential Debate: Social Media doesn’t know what Coyotes are in the immigration discussion

In another signal that social media can at times be completely clueless when it comes to politics, viewers watching the final presidential debate on Thursday night believed it was actual coyotes bringing undocumented immigrants across the border.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was the first to mention it, and the President Trump also used the term a short time later.

“Coyotes” are operators who smuggle people across the border illegally.

Social media didn’t understand that.

It’s as if there were a large bloc of people that pictured coyotes dragging people from Mexico to the United States.

It’s sadly a sign that many voters still don’t fully comprehend the immigration discussion and are just going with the flow on social media.

Because of the fast paced discussion during the debate there also wasn’t anytime to elaborate on what they were actually talking about.

As for the actual debate, Kristin Welker had much better luck than Chris Wallace moderating the debate between the two. Then again there was the threat of the “mute” button which would have made for a bad clip if any of the two candidates violated the rules.

There was some serious policy discussed, including a thorough discussion on health care with each of the candidates explaining their plans to improve existing care. Both candidates pledged to support those with pre existing conditions.

And yes, we also had controversy. The President’s taxes were discussed and Joe Biden had to answer some questions about his son’s controversial business affairs. Both candidates went back and forth on race relations in the country. It was a much cleaner discussion than the first meeting between the two which was widely considered a mess, and bad for the political process.

Election day is November 3rd.

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