Movie Review: Borat Subsequent MovieFilm is exactly the train wreck sequel you were expecting

While it’s hard to believe it was so many years ago when Sascha Baron Cohen first dropped Borat on our laps, causing audiences all over the world to cringe and crumple in their theater seats. It would also be nice to believe that we as a society have evolved past this type of gross out humor.

It would also be wrong because Borat:Subsequent Moviefilm is still impossible to tear your eyes away from.

As if the plot matters at all, our protagonist (?) has to travel to America to bribe Vice President Mike Pence with his daughter to restore the glory of his home Kazakhstan. If not he’ll be executed. Along the way, he’ll have to learn more lessons about the United States in order to make his journey a success.

This movie is ridiculous and irreverent, but you shouldn’t be surprised this time around. If you’re easily offended stay away.

Cohen’s humor once again hits it’s audience like a speeding truck even when we know it’s coming. When we think it’s gone too far, it curses at you and takes it even further. One thing that time has done is make us forget that these Borat films don’t care what the collateral damage is when delivering it’s laughs. It’s shocking and it will either make you laugh or make you cover your eyes. Probably both.

I can almost guarantee you. You will not be bored here. Maria Bakalova also doesn’t miss a step as Borat’s equally clueless daughter.

The film’s original magic is gone and you do have to suspend your belief a little here, and the third act does drag a little, but the if you’re familiar with the Borat product you should be pretty happy.

Borat: Subsequent Film

Grade: B

Running time: 96 minutes

Rated R

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