Sunday Night Football made the World Series look pedestrian last night

While all sports fans were winners last night with a day full of football, closed out by an exciting night cap, game 5 of the fall classic, and a top flight wrestling pay per view, it truly was the NFL who made their case best in front of a nation of consumer eyeballs.

The Arizona Cardinal’s thrilling victory over the previously unbeaten Seattle Seahawks was just incredible. Both Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray put on a show and then there was the DK Metcalf rundown to prevent a pick six and the overtime kicking drama to wrap it all up.

The contest between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays was also very good. But the nature of Baseball can’t compete when football the way it was last night. Pitching changes can’t compete with scrambling quarterbacks. Missed field goals easily draw more interest than sacrifice flys. It’s just not fair.

Nevermind one game was a championship go ahead game. The regular divisional game was the better product.

The NBA can at least force TV viewers to compare match ups but MLB is always going to have a tough time against Sunday Night Football.

And no time was that made more apparent than last night.

By the way, you could say WWE was technically most exciting. A man was thrown off a steel cell. But that was technically predetermined pay channel programming.

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