WWE Monday Night RAW: We liked RKO vs McIntyre vs The Fiend a lot

The Monday Night RAW following an exciting Hell In The Cell Pay Per View wasted no time moving on to the next big show, Survivor Series. And we had the chance to see a good part of the card getting announced on tonight’s show.

Here is what we liked.

Randy Orton will face Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks will fight against Asuska, and we’ve got the Street Profits against the New Day. All three are solid match ups and WWE always does a great job with it’s Survivor Series builds. I can’t wait to see the invasions.

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss just keep crushing it. Tonight’s Firefly Funhouse was just too much fun and the Fiend going after Randy Orton for his newly won Universal Championship is going to make for great television.

And we have to talk about Randy Orton. The guy is such a good plug and play champion. He looks like he belongs with the belt at any given time. Drew McIntyre was a great champion and I’m sure he’ll get another run, but Randy with the title sets up some exciting possibilities and we saw some of those play out at tonight’s closing.

Despite his despicable behavior over the past couple of months, we were looking out for Randy during that Moment of Bliss appearance. And when Drew came down, we were worried for everybody. Then came the fiend and I was halfway expecting the Miz and his briefcase to also make an appearance. And the way the show went off the air was just beautiful. True excitement. What is going to happen with these three? It’s injected life into the entire title chase and some stale storylines.

That’s the way you end a Monday Night RAW.

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