The Bachelorette: Clare runs it into the ground; and it looks like we’re getting a popular replacement

Very high drama tonight on The Bachelorette on ABC, with Clare Crawley finally pushing the guys too far and it looks like her replacement is on deck and ready to go.

Clare is in love with Dale. She knows it. He knows it. The guys know it. And everyone is still going along with the program. Why? Beats me. But it sure is making for some great television.

Tonight’s episode was really about the roast Clare threw with the guys. And what did the guys decide to do? The same thing a lot of guys do when put in a similar position involving conversation around a girl. They tried to look better than the competition. And the men felt that roasting Dale non stop in front of Clare was the way to go.

Narrator voice: It wasn’t

But that wasn’t even the weirdest part of the episode. Clare decided to take revenge for all of the disrespect sent Dale’s way into her own hands by grilling the men non stop before ultimately deciding not to give any of them a rose.

And she also called Dale her finance.

And that looks like it might have been enough to “blow up The Bachelorette”.

But the teaser for next week is what got people talking.

After hearing that Clare is gone during the chatter, we get a shot of Tayshia coming out of the pool. That was a heck of an introduction and fans of the show cheered the reveal setting up an exciting next episode where the entire game might change.

Despite the fact it was widely anticipated, the response was very good. Show runners should be happy.

But that episode will have to wait because next Tuesday night is election night and the Bacehlorette will air on Thursday (story HERE).

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