Masked Singer: This was one of the easiest guesses in the history of the show


Nailing a guess on the Masked Singer on FOX is a terrific feeling. It’s especially great if you’re the only who seems to get it right. Chances are, most of the viewing audience got to experience the former because the latter surely wasn’t happening with the voice this celebrity has got.

This had to be one of the easiest guesses since the show has been on the air. Everybody got this one right, as we moved on to our first showcase with group C.

The Lips mask was none other than daytime talk show host Wendy Williams.

And with that heavy accent, it took no time at all to figure it out. I got it. Some of the judges got it. A lot of people on social media got it.

But that didn’t make the show any less entertaining. We also got some neat new masks including Broccoli which brought on guesses like Howie Mandel, Bill Murray, and Steve Guttenberg.

There was the soulful mushroom mask which had some thinking it could be Donald Glover, Frank Ocean or Usher.

We had squiggly monster which to some people sounded like Ray Romano, Al Franken, and even Dr. Fauci.

And the lovely jellyfish, that according to judges could have been Awkwafina, Sofia Ritchie, or Gabby Douglas.

It was a good program and the show was back after a one week absence due to the World Series.

This was my second correct guess of the season. I was able to figure out that dragon mask was Busta Ryhmes during the season premiere and I felt pretty smart for figuring that one out.

But on Wednesday night, a lot of people had that satisfying feeling of knowing who was behind the mask.

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