The Bachelorette: There is plenty of blame to go around in this mess

Well hey, last night was a mess.

The Bachelorette went down some uncharted territory Tuesday when everyone just got mad at everyone, and in a show that is supposed to be focused on the concept of finding love, there was none of it to be found anywhere.

And it’s everybody’s fault.

Now, Clare Crawley, the oldest Bachelorette in the show’s history will likely not see a tradition end to her run after calling Dale her fiance’ just a few episodes into the season. We may see Tayshia Adams as soon as next week in relief to finish out the season.

Before I go any further, I need to add this is a great train wreck television. Nobody is complaining here.

But let’s go down the line.

Clare could have ended this season in the first fifteen minutes: She told Chris Harrison after she spoke to Dale for the first time that she felt like she just met her husband, and now the rest is just theater. The guys dug in on him last night on a roast that she set up and then on the group date she took turns getting revenge on each of the guys for doing so. She needs to move on what she wants and I think that is what is going to happen soon. And she needs to do it in a way that put’s people on her side or she’ll exit being one of the most unpopular Bachelorettes ever.

The guys need to stop complaining and start acting like they want the job: If you’re playing a sport and losing badly you have to take a stand and stop the other team from scoring. Be better. We haven’t seen the guys doing that. They’re letting Dale win and just fighting among themselves. You can’t win that way.

Dale needs to stop acting like a wimp: It seems like the person doing the least to Dale is Dale. For a former football player, he doesn’t seem to be as aggressive as he needs to be. But when you’ve already won there is no reason to keep playing the game.

And Bachelorette show runners are once again living up to their reputation: What is the popular phrase? “The Devil works hard but Bachelorette producers work harder” We’re having fun so really they’re doing their jobs but everybody looks bad right now. Except Tayshia who’s being billed a possible savior for the season.

Can’t they move the election instead of the Bachelorette?: Is what some of you guys were thinking last night after the announcement that next week’s episode has indeed been moved to Thursday night for election coverage on ABC (story HERE).

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