AEW Dynamite: Oh, that Cody-Orange super plex and we’re going to love Jericho vs. MJF

The thing AEW manages to do so well is run back the same match between two incredible talents in a presentation that doesn’t bore us. We have already seen Cody vs. Orange Cassidy, but throw these two in a lumberjack match for the TNT and it’s delicious cold pizza we can eat everyday.

That’s what we got on AEW Dynamite, Wednesday night on TNT and the highlight of the match was Cody superplexing Orange on to all of the lumberjacks. Ultimately it was my boys from Dark Order that would cause Cassidy the title but it was just a blast to watch.

Then we had a hilarious town hall between Chris Jericho and MJF to decide if the latter would be able to join the Inner Circle. What worked so well here is that it actually was a town hall and the AEW stars got to ask the questions. We also got a funny drop in from Eric Bischoff that riled up the participants.

In the end the only conclusion MJF and Jericho could come to was a match at Full Gear to determine the entire thing. You know I’ll be there.

We’re also getting an insane final in the Eliminator tournament where we’ll see former tag champions take on each other, after Kenny Omega beat Penta and Hangman Page beat Wardlow in the semis. This is reaching a really nice boil.

We also got more set up for Full Gear including Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston talk, along with some strong build up for Young Bucks vs FTR.

Great work by those guys at Dynamite. I’m having too much fun watching this show on a lot of weeks.

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