NetFlix might not be the best bang for your buck after most recent price hike

NetFlix is a good service and they provide a some great streaming options.

But boy, are they killing us with these price increases. The latest coming on Thursday in the middle of a pandemic when streaming is more valuable than ever (story HERE).

This is a good time to reevaluate all of our streaming plans.

TV is the subject anchor of this blog, but even I can’t afford everything. Just like families, there is a budget to work with, and while a couple of bucks won’t have us sprinting to the cancel button, we will remember these increases the next time there isn’t anything good to watch.

And for those contemplating cutting the cord for a more manicured approach to their entertainment, price hikes like these might compel them to stay a little longer.

Internet costs, plus streamer A, plus streamer B, and for some- a third streaming option, really starts to add up.

Netflix used to be the only game in town, but now we’ve got so many choices, each with an interesting new concept (but most likely an unneeded reboot) that gets us to subscribe. They’re isn’t room for everyone.

And then there is always the tried and true antenna. Which to this day, can still get you what you need at no cost. That’s why I talk a lot about free TV here. It’s something everyone can watch. News. Sports. A couple of good sitcoms and dramas and you’re set.

Then you can be free of all of these price hikes and make the streamers work harder for your business.

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