We have to talk about how great the Mandalorian Season 2 premiere was


On Friday morning, Disney premiered the first episode of the Mandalorian’s second season featuring our favorite Bounty Hunter and the child many call “Baby Yoda”.

And director Jon Favreau once again reached excellence here. From beginning to end this was masterful storytelling, interweaving Star Wars and the best kind of old school western fables that made the first season so great.

We got to go back to Tatooine and even though we didn’t get Boba Fett (at least not yet), we got the spectacular Timothy Olyphant playing “The Marshall”. The tension between our hero and Olyphant was so real, but when they cut the deal to save the village from that dragon it was so easy to get on board. Then after the team building with the villagers and the sand people, I was ready to ride into battle with them myself. The final clash with the dragon was the best action sequence of it’s kind that I’ve seen since Game Of Thrones. It was so epic and satisfying that when the credits rolled, I felt like clapping with no one else around.

Strangely, Olyphant’s character felt like the one he was playing in “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood” during his movie scenes with Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio). And that worked here, it’s a compliment.

And then we have Mando and the child and when it’s all said and done, this might be one of the easiest duos in the history of television to root for. I want these two to win so bad and I fear for them when they’re in danger.

Great work here. All around.

Last year, The Mandalorian was nominated for a Best Drama emmy in what many thought was a surprise. If this keeps up, it shouldn’t be anymore. This show is earning that spot in a hurry.

The next episode can’t get here fast enough.

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