Saturday Night Live: Mulaney can’t stop lousy streak; but Chappelle is coming

Saturday Night Live had another poor outing last night and host and former writer, John Mulaney, couldn’t do much to stop the unfunny preaching throughout the night. What did raise a lot of eyebrows was the announcement that Dave Chappelle would be hosting the post election SNL next week.

Jim Carrey was bad again as Joe Biden during the cold open, reading a Halloween horror story that detailed the hazards of being complacent during the election. We did get to see Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton for a moment but what she was saying didn’t create a laugh.

Mulaney took the stage for his monologue and a short set. While some of it was funny, it was mostly just more politics, fueling this nervous scratch the show has had to discuss the topic but not say anything entertaining about it.

The Halloween spoof of “The Birds” was terrible. But credit to those designing that set. It actually looked pretty good.

And The Strokes, who were the musical guest last night sounded great. While SNL hasn’t been funny this year, all of it’s music bookings have been enjoyable and diverse. Good stuff here.

Colin Jost and Michael Che keep collecting a paycheck for unfunny Weekend Updates. They haven’t had a decent laugh in a couple of weeks. It’s been bad.

It’s important that we do acknowledge the musical elections skit that came next. I can tell when this cast is busting their tail to entertain and that number absolutely was it. Respect to them for that.

A high point for show that has remained in the doldrums since premiering earlier in the fall.

But Dave Chappelle is coming. And he was terrific the last time he hosted the post election episode with a great Walking Dead skit, a great collaboration with Chris Rock on another spot, and an excellent monologue. He will likely be promoting the arrival of Chappelle’s Show to Netflix (story HERE)

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