Green Bay Packers owe fans an explanation on Travis Fulgham cut as he thrives in Philly

“Something got missed.”

That’s what I was thinking on Sunday Night as the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night football, due in large part to their budding star wide receiver Travis Fulgham.

I was saying that because Fulgham at one time in this year, 2020, belonged to the Green Bay Packers organization.

The same Green Bay Packers that have searching frantically for weapons for their future Hall Of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, so that they can win another Super Bowl.

Fulgham could have been that guy. He could have been there when Devin Funchess opted out. He could have been there when Devante Adams got hurt. He could have been there when Alan Lazard was lost.

And he also could have been there yesterday as another option for Rodgers when Aaron Jones was out.

But the Packers decided not to keep him around. Why?

It’s a fair question to ask. How coaches could get this guy so wrong with a Super Bowl window that isn’t getting any smaller?

It won’t be a fun question to ask. I’ve had to ask those unpleasant questions in the scrum but the important thing here is to identify the miss so it doesn’t happen again.

Most eyes will be on the defense this week after allowing Minnesota running back Dalvin Cook to score four touchdowns on them yesterday with over 200 yards from scrimmage (story HERE).

But every time that Travis Fulgham balls out on a bad Philadephia Eagles team, we all need to be asking ourselves how it happened.

And fans deserve an answer.

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