Proven Orlando Democrats aren’t afraid of calling out problems in their own party

Orlando was one of the few places in Florida where Democrats proved they could win regardless of how moderate or progressive they were.

And after a terrible showing by the state party (that story HERE) and infighting at the federal level, some of these local electeds aren’t afraid to call out mistakes they’re identifying in their own party.

Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, who is moving on to her third term in the Seminole-Orange County district, spoke out in the Wall Street Journal about the infighting in Washington, with a two front battle taking place within the Democratic Party in addition to across the aisle battles in the house (story HERE).

“Either they are already partaking in the mushrooms that D.C. approved, they are living in their own fiction here,” she said, following some points about the debate over how far left or center the party should move together.

On the state level, Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani got the most buzz on election night not by winning a second term in her district (which in part overlaps with Murphy) but with the following remarks after Democrats lost ground in the state house.

She later told the Orlando Sentinel (story HERE)

“When was the last time these consultants, who give all this advice to Democrats, knocked on doors or actually talked to working people, let alone even showed up in a working people neighborhood?” Eskamani asked.”

One of the most realest things said in Orlando politics this year. A lot of consultants are overpaid do-nothings and the more they charge the less they tend to know.

These statements matter because it’s Orlando leaders speaking out and taking a stand at higher levels beyond the community. We don’t want followers here. We want leaders. And taking a stand or calling for change is welcomed behavior instead of just sitting back and watching a bad situation evolve without taking action.

And we need as many elected officials from both parties in Central Florida doing that as possible.

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