The Bachelorette: Expected Clare “Blow Up” is boring, but everyone is excited for Tayshia

It turns out that Clare Crawley “blowing up The Bachelorette” may have resulted in the most boring episode of the season. But the set-up for a restart has been strong enough to make sure we see it through until the end.

As many of you expected, Clare did find love with Dale and the fact that you expected it, made most of tonight’s episode really dull. The first hour was this uncomfortable but inevitable dance to match Clare with the husband she met in the first 15 minutes of the season. The group break up was tense but many of the guys took the high road erasing any drama of their expected Bachelorette running off with someone else before some of them even had a real chance to talk to her.

But even as Clare rode off into the sunset after a successful proposal, the investment of the audience floated to the guys and the highly anticipated new bachelorette, Tayshia Adams.

And the excitement of the show picked up as soon as Clare was out of the picture with each of the remaining guys getting excited for what may be in store next.

What is next is indeed Tayshia, who was well received by social media and was ready to move on past the well forecasted Clare drama, ready for an exciting second half.

The announcement that Tayshia was coming and the announcement from Chris Harrison that the journey was about to begin..again. Did amp up the tension on a very boring send off for Clare and Dale.

And Tayshia’s opening remarks really did present her in a really likeable way. I think the Bachelorette nation will certainly be hoping the best for her despite the events we’ve seen so far.

Let’s run it back.

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