Orlando should be (mostly) ready for the new XBox Series X and Playstation 5 launches this week

We’ve got next generation gaming consoles launching this week! Get your wallets and thumbs ready for some excitement!

The XBox Series X will launch Tuesday, November 10th. It will be $499 for a fully loaded console and $299 for the Series S which will be a digital only model (story HERE).

The Playstation 5 will launch on Thursday November 12 for $499 for a disc drive loaded console and $399 for a digital only console (info HERE).

Will Orlando be ready? Well, they should.

Update: GameStop has announced they will have a small amount of XBox machines on hand for launch.

There will not be an in-store rush for these consoles. Most of the orders will be done online. If an Orlando store keeps them in stock this week, it will mostly like be a pick up fulfillment after ordering the machines online. Check with your local vendors before heading out.

Gone are the days when I stood outside of a Best Buy on Semoran or a Gamestop off of Colonial Drive to rush for a new gaming console.

The increase in digital commerce and the spread of COVID 19 eliminated that possibility this year.

There may be actual hard console available off the shelf on Black Friday (story HERE) as door busters for business but your best bet is still online.

And should you venture to Craigslist or Facebook to buy a console from a private party, I suggest using the e-commerce lots sponsored by the Orlando Police Department for your transaction (post HERE).

If we’re being completely honest, I really wouldn’t even recommend buying a console at launch at all. We don’t know what the bugs will be. Whether it’s a “red light of death” or a user data spill, there are very likely to be problems.

But Orlando will be ready for the launch of the new consoles this week.

Whether our public schools are ready for grades to drop when kids are at home playing these things is another question altogether.

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