Seminole County Commissioners must help Central Florida Zoo

If you go to enough county commission meetings in Central Florida, you can watch our local governments dole out millions for programs and projects no one outside of it’s orbit of lobbyists really care to see spent, and for incentives which may or may not work out for constituents in the long term.

It happens all of the time.

So when we hear that one of our local zoos is struggling and coming to the same commission to ask for $300,000 in the middle of a pandemic, we should hope commissioners do the right thing and grant the request.

That’s what is currently going on in Seminole County, where the Central Florida Zoo is preparing to ask the commission for help (story HERE).

And these funds are also Tourism Development Tax dollars or TDT. And exactly what they’re meant to be used for. You see, those lobbyists who donate large amounts of money to political campaigns have stood up protections to prevent anyone from getting to their money to use on projects like public safety and education. They’d rather see it go to their salaries instead.

In the past Seminole County “The Natural Choice” hasn’t been in the fray as their bigger and more reckless spending cousins up north in Orange County. They’re they regularly send six figures to interests the tax payers will never see benefit from.

Here is hoping that Seminole or “Orlando North” as they choose to market themselves to the rest of the world, (website HERE) is more mindful of the jobs of their neighbors and the care that the animals there require.

Because if they don’t, every time they do spend on other unnecessary projects that provide for the lobbying class, we’re going to think of those animals and employees who are struggling in this pandemic just like everyone else.

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