AEW Games hilariously announces three games during launch

The highly anticipated All Elite Wrestling Games reveal took place on Tuesday night and featured a hilarious presentation, as well as a slate consisting of a console game that is still underdevelopment and two mobile games that will soon be available for download.

Fans got to see favorites like Kenny Omega, Aubrey Edwards, Britt Baker, and Cody Rhodes do their best Steve Jobs impersonation to deliver the news and all four were very funny (and actually pulled off the look well).

Development for the console game will be lead by the team at Yukes and the head of the popular WWE No Mercy game, widely considered one of the best wrestling video games ever created. The footage released didn’t show much, but did give us a brief look at Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and Hikaru Shida.

The mobile games will consist of a general manager simulator and a gambling game, which was introduced of with an entertaining preview of the rest of the AEW roster gambling at a casino. An AEW Games t-shirt was also introduced.

Fan response for the news was mostly positive. The presentation was almost universally enjoyed but there were gripes that the console game looked too “arcady” and that mobile games tend to disappoint more often than they don’t. There were also concerns at the exclusion of a PC option.

But there were advisories that these products were indeed still being worked on that there could be some changes before the actual release of the games. Very often developers will often adjust course on a product based on early feedback from events like these.

There were no launch dates announced on any of the three games. The t-shirt is available for purchase now.

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