Private movie theater rentals in Orlando are a great deal in some cases

Right now the movie theater industry is hurting. Bad.

Having spent a lot of my time throughout my life in movie theaters around Orlando, I would like to see the industry recover. Despite the fact that they’ve been driving up prices on us for years, they still employ a lot of people in the area and are still the best source of rainy day entertainment in Orlando.

The latest attempt to salvage the business in the midst of a pandemic are private theater rentals. The prices start from $75 bucks for older movies to $140 for new releases.

Theaters have made extra efforts to clean the facilities after each use and have ended a lot of the other high risks aspects of the experiences such as the concession stand and common areas in the lobbies.

Ideally, I would have like to have seen all of the films go for $75 a theater. To me, the cost of the rental needs to outweigh the benefit of watching the film at home. That’s the flaw of the deal. You can watch Toy Story at home with the kids for free. Why go out?

But there are some films that deserve the big screen treatment that might have come before your time. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Empire Strikes Back. Jurassic Park. All legendary films that fly best in a theater with the complete experience.

And a widely overlooked aspect of the movie theater business is that they anchor other large shopping centers in Central Florida that rely on the business they bring in. These are restaurants, shops, and other service providers.

Every little bit helps.

And it is pretty cool having the entire theater to yourselves.

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