The Bachelorette: Fans are clearly ready to move on to a new chapter with Tayshia and the other new additions


The Bachelorette returned to night with a new point woman to cheer for and some other newly introduced additions as well. But before moving on to an exciting new chapter in the show, they decided to revisit Clare who ended her run early after finding Dale in the first episode of the season.

Fans didn’t care to take that journey. And that “babies” reaction from Dale will live on the internet forever.

Clare and Dale began trending for all of the wrong reasons during their bloc of the show. Thankfully, feedback wasn’t mean but instead fatigued at the early switch so early in the season and ready to watch the new Bachelorette start her journey.

And that journey started with speedo Splashball. Which once again drew some cringes from viewers. What is going on with the producers this year? First strip dodge ball and then this.

Fans did enjoy Easy getting the First Impression rose and they loved Chris Harrison racing around the resort during Tayshia’s date with Brendan.

After Brendan won her over and earned a rose the episode ended with fireworks, as the guys back at the house looked at the display in the sky and imagining the worse. A pleasant way to end the show after a really exhausting interview period.

There was a lot for Bachelorette fans to unpack after this episode. What is Clare’s legacy on the show? Does Brendan have a real shot? And what about that teaser that showcased cage fighting and some real intensity between the guys?

Despite the Clare lull, the show was a good watch and Tayshia along with this group of gentlemen should return the show to top shelf train wreck TV in no time.

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