The Orlando Magic channeling the Dallas Cowboys with new City Edition jerseys

Listen, I love my Orlando Magic and I was rooting for them when I was stuck up in Bucks country up there in Wisconsin this year. But something about their new City Edition jerseys look a little familiar when they dropped the video on Tuesday morning.

The first comparison I had was actually the creamsicle vibe of the old school Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But it wasn’t until the end when I noticed something really familiar. It was a blue and white star that looked exactly like the Dallas Cowboys star. It’s the same.

Now to be fair, the Magic have been using stars since they joined the league 30 years ago but to have it presented this way. The lone star against a white background. It looks like a knockoff.

I was wondering if Jerry Jones had purchased the team overnight. A part of me wanted to photoshop Terrell Owens on top of this new Magic jersey.

Usually, the Orlando Magic’s jersey game is pretty right on but this version kind of misses the mark. Now City jerseys are usually pretty creative. One of the most notable editions are from our friends down south where the Miami Heat are often seen sporting the “Vice City” 80s inspired versions of their City Edition unis.

How much does it matter that the Magic got a little too carried away with the Dallas look?

It doesn’t matter at all.

What does matter is that that the season will be starting again here shortly, and there probably hasn’t been enough time for Steve Clifford to really improve on the Orlando bubble Magic team that got the short end of the NBA pandemic restart last season.

Forget the stars. Get us more Ws.

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