AEW Dynamite: We loved MJF quoting Drake, TayJay drama, and Brandi defending her man

A lot to like in tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT. Let’s not waste anytime.

If there is anyone in wrestling that could successfully hijack rap star Drake’s words, it’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who kicked off his induction to the Inner Circle with a rousing rendition of “All Me” by the Canadian superstar. There was plenty of drama with MJF giving Sammy Guevara the wrong directions to the induction, to buying tickets to Vegas for the rest of the group. This is Shakespearean story telling and this is going to continue to be great TV.

And by the way, MJF didn’t even know who Drake was.

Anna Jay and Tay Conti added another chapter to their friendship that might as well be taking place on the Titanic. With Jay completely bought into Dark Order way of life, she tried to throw her friend a chair to use against Red Velvet in a match but Conti declined while picking up a clean win. These two have done a lot of building online to demonstrate how strong their bond is. A break up would be heartbreaking but also a great opportunity between two young stars with a lot of potential.

Brandi Rhodes stole the show during a spot that could be teasing a Cody Rhodes vs. Shaq showdown, when she came out to defend her man against a verbal assault from Jade Cargill. Goodness, that was some fire in her eyes and some serious words she threw out during that spot that really got us charged up for the rest of the night.

Some other highlights:

That Bunkhouse Match had a lot of blood. Good TV but not for everyone.

Moxley vs. Omega will be as great as you think it will be.

Pac is back and he’ll give us an excellent show with Eddie Kingston.

Awesome show! Let’s do it again next week!

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