Clare Crawley leaves behind a complicated legacy on “The Bachelorette”

Many would tell you that Clare Crawley’s early departure from The Bachelorette was both positive and reason for hope, as well as a little drawn out and frustrating.

On one end, many of us were happy that Clare would meet her soulmate within 15 minutes of beginning the process. It’s a good thing that right person for everyone could just stumble into your life at any moment. It happens to couples that turn out very happy around the world every day.

But on the other end, Clare didn’t looks so great in the process that ultimately brought her happiness. Many compared her to Melora Hardin’s character in “The Office”. Jan Levinson essentially went mad for a spell during the middle of the show’s run before getting it together (kinda) towards it’s conclusion. But she was very much a villain when it all ended.

While it would be to harsh to call Clare a villain, many fans of the show were very ready to move on to Tayshia Adams when the time came. The check-in with Clare and Dale on Tuesday night’s show was the most unpopular segment of the two hour bloc.

Showrunners also didn’t put her in a position to win over fans on her way out either. Strip dodgeball made a lot of people uncomfortable, and to have a roast only to offend Clare and have her go on the attack to defend Dale wasn’t the best look either.

And then there was the “Babieees” comment. While this line from Clare was understandable given she was the oldest Bachelorette in the show’s history and deserves the opportunity for a family if she wants one, the audience didn’t pull it that way because of how quickly she fell in love with Dale.

Tayshia has jolted some excitement into the show. But I remain a Clare fan. I was excited to see someone my age move through the process and I think a lot of other viewers who grew up with the show did too.

Here is hoping we get another better placed check-in during the season finale that paints a better picture of the Bachelorette we were so anxious to see succeed just a few weeks ago.

Clare deserves that.

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