Despite a grateful community, Orlando is still a tough place for veterans to find success

It’s Veterans Day in Orlando and once again the community is grateful for it’s men and women who have served in its armed forces defending freedom around the world. Even in the middle of the pandemic, a lot of communities have come up with other ways to honor those who served.

But making it in Orlando is still very difficult for veterans.

Sadly, the Orlando VA is still a major problem. There are challenges involving transparency involving the amount of time it takes to be seen for care, and COVID has made getting an appointment even tougher. The struggle for benefits is even more of a challenge with the pandemic further backlogging the process (story HERE).

No one does a better job at keeping veterans from their benefits than the VA.

Affordable housing in Orlando is still a problem. And it’s not vets that are alone in trying to pay the rent, Central Florida remains one of the toughest communities in the United States when it comes to the issue.

And it’s because wages in Orlando remain low. This is a two pronged problem. The VA still does a terrible job along with transition services. Many veterans don’t know how to translate military jargon into a language that HR departments in private companies can identify with.

Then in Orlando, we’re constantly trying to usher veterans into the security field where average pay is about $11-$12 an hour. You can’t live here on that wage. While law enforcement opportunities exist, the application process takes months and not everyone has that kind of time to pay their bills.

Veterans are grateful for Orlando. And this remains one of the best communities in the world to come home to.

But thriving here is still a struggle for veterans, especially in a pandemic. And tomorrow, after all of the discounts are gone, veterans will continue fighting an uphill battle that began as soon as they took off the uniform.

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