Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis don’t have to like each other to do a good job for Florida

Oh my goodness. Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis don’t like each other.
How will they get along?
What are we all going to do? How will everything turn out?

Honestly, it’s the kind of narrative that would be more in line with my Bachelorette posts.

The truth is that Ron DeSantis is no stranger to Joe Biden. And Joe Biden is certainly no stranger to working with conservatives like Ron DeSantis.

We all know Biden’s long history in Washington and his time as Vice President under the Obama administration.

But we so often forget that DeSantis spent four years in congress under an Obama presidency.

And Florida did just fine. Despite the fact that then Governor Rick Scott was one of President Obama’s least favorite governors, the state was regularly ahead of others during the national economic recovery.

Scott chose to open up Florida for those that didn’t like policies in other states and began pulling jobs from up north and out west. These were jobs that typically paid better than the low wage tourism jobs here in Orlando in an area with a terrible affordable housing problem.

And Obama was insistent on better health care policy and pressured Florida to do better. So much that the State Senate under Scott pushed for the expansion of medicaid for a couple of years and on one occasion sent the legislative session into overtime. While that didn’t get done, Obama was also opposed to offshore drilling here and that did take with Florida lawmakers.

The truth is that a United States President and a Florida Governor that don’t like each other isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the state. Sometimes it works out. Even if it’s through political battles.

If you want the Bachelorette. Watch the Bachelorette (and read about it here).

But let’s give these two a couple of months to see what they can do and how each of them will lead in an environment that won’t be as pressurized as it has been the last couple of years.

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