WWE Smackdown on FOX: “Great Value New Day”, Chad and Otis, Jey and Drew

Despite the bummer that almost wrecked the evening (story HERE). WWE Smackdown on FOX delivered an decent show on the road to Survivor Series which waits for us next weekend.

Here is what we liked:

Jey Uso vs. Drew McIntyre: The Roman Reigns faction had another incredible week and we did get some Survivor Series hype with our boy, Drew McIntyre visiting from RAW to get in Roman’s face. But Jey stood up for his cousin and we got a great main event that we hadn’t seen on the big stage before. Drew was great as usual and Jey continues to shine in his expanded role. That stare down at the end of the show between Roman and Drew was great hype.

Otis and Chad Gable: Both of these guys have kind of been on an island since the SuperStar Shake up but they found each other tonight and they’ve got the potential to be a great hero pairing. Two underdogs going trying to overcome the odds and climb the ladder. I can dig it.

Great Value New Day: Is what everyone is going to call the Street Profits from now on. They did a terrific promo trying to get Big E to give up some intel on his old tag partners ahead of Survivor Series but “E” stood strong again and basically called the profits a Wal Mart version of the RAW Champions. I can’t wait to see where this is going.

Honorable Mention: A Happy Liv Morgan usually leads to a happy viewing audience and I’m happy she’s on the women’s Survivor Series squad. I’ll be rooting for the Riott Squad and Bianca Belair come Survivor Series. The other two additions would only be a bonus at this point.

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