Orange County Strike Teams must get tougher with unruly COVID non compliant bars

On Monday afternoon, during the Orange County COVID briefing I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Mayor Jerry Demings describe that 11 bars visited by Coronavirus Strike Teams over their announced period of time were non compliant.

No masks. No social distancing. And no hand sanitizer.

Then the next part is what gets me frustrated with everybody.

“In addition, some of the members of our team were insulted by the patrons. And I’m told that some of the bar owners were less than cooperative.”

1) Shame on those owners. They need to control their patrons better. I’ve done their job. Those customers should have been immediately ejected from the business.

2) This must be the wimpiest strike team ever.

I’m sorry. But it’s true. What a sad story to hear. You’re telling me that they walked in, got made fun of and when they were done, there were still people possibly getting sick in a business that faced no penalties?

Absolutely unacceptable.

Jerry Demings, a longtime Sheriff in the area before he became Mayor, should personally walk into each of those places and put those bar owners on notice. This isn’t the Wild Wild West.

In fairness, both Demings and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer point out that the state has implemented restrictions that keep them from going after businesses. Studies have to be done.

You know what? You ridicule my people. I’ll do as much paperwork as possible to make sure the wrong gets put right. No one should be bullied for doing their jobs.

This is simply unbelievable.

I understand the times we live in. These things have to be handled delicately.

But when people are getting sick and the opposition is mocking the process, it’s time to be a little more aggressive with the legal measures we have at our disposal and a little less Sesame Street with our approach.

You can watch the video below. The bars portion starts at 9:50.

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