Orlando leaders need to let public know what a vaccine deployment in the area would look like

We’ve got the refrigerators (story HERE). What next?

As Moderna becomes the second company to announce a promising COVID 19 vaccine and communities around the country began to prepare for a possible deployment of those vaccines, it’s important that we set expectations of what a deployment would look like in a community as big as this one.

“How do we get this vaccine?” is going to be the number one question on the minds of every Central Floridian in the coming months.

And it’s a fair question that Orlando leaders need to answer.

While this is purely speculation, one would have to think it would be more drive-in vaccinations centers throughout major parts of town. There would be a vaccination points in areas like the Convention Center. The Amway Center. The Apopka VFW. UCF. Heritage Park in Osceola and the Sanford Airport in Seminole.

Drive in. Show your ID. Get a shot. And drive off into a new and hopefully COVID free era of life in the greater Orlando area.

But we need to hear our elected officials say that.

We’re also being mentally prepared that the highest risk residents will get a vaccine first. Of course that makes sense. But what will the main body rollout look like. Will our kids be able to get a vaccine in school?

Will there be any unexpected costs that could put a vaccine out of reach for some in this community that already suffers from low wages and over expensive housing?

It’s time for Orlando elected officials to start preparing answers for us and we need to know well in advance what a vaccine deployment looks like here to prepare ourselves to finally move on past this crisis.

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