Wait until 2021 to release Wonder Woman 1984 and give it the release it deserves

Warner Bros. is once again considering a gamble with it’s most promising superhero franchise.

Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to have been released earlier this year but COVID 19 had other plans. The movie theater industry is in shambles and has shifted an entire slate of releases into the next year.

Now there were mumblings that 1984 might have followed Tenet into theaters earlier this fall but after Christopher Nolan’s mind bending film met a terrible domestic opening, Warner Bros were smart to push Gal Gadot’s “money in the bank” sequel to Christmas.

But now for some reason, people are getting nervous and are afraid to push the movie into the next year, instead mulling a hybrid release that would put the film in theaters around Christas and then HBO Max in January (story HERE).

There are problems there.

First. We’re entering the “dark winter” where we’re seeing COVID numbers spike at the moment.

Second. The deployment of a vaccine won’t be possible by Christmas. It will be possible by the spring. Just in time for an early summer release.

Third. We don’t have anymore money in our budgets for another streaming service. Especially HBO Max, which has one of the highest asking prices for a streamer on the market.

Help me understand. What is the rush here?

Sadly, Warner Bros isn’t the only one considering this move. We’re watching Disney consider a streaming release for “Black Widow. That would also be a tragedy.

The Snyder Cut is going to HBO Max. Then we have WW 1984. What’s next for the DC Universe after that?

If you take this film out of theaters, then you’re giving us plenty of time to forget there is a DC Universe out there.

Let’s all chill. We believe in this film. We’ll wait for it.

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