Orlando is once again on the outside looking in on the NBA Free Agent frenzy

NBA Free Agency. The most exciting period of the league that doesn’t actually involve playing the game. A time when the best players in the game can switch teams and completely change the outlook of the entire upcoming season.

But most Orlando fans are unfamiliar with that feeling. They’re never a part of it. And this year is no different.

We’re not hearing rumors of James Harden, or John Wall, or Kemba Walker coming here. Nor were we ever a part of the Chris Paul talks or a potential Jrue Holiday deal.

This is because Orlando can’t shake it’s family friendly reputation and the anti small market bias that we get labeled with.

And they’re not ready to win right at this moment.

That means there is absolutely no reason for a millionaire in his 20s to want to come here right now. None.

So we’re left farming with what we got.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’re a playoff team. And we got a raw deal in the bubble and could have gone further. And We can go very far…

If we can get that next level player to lift up what we have now.

Really, it’s a math problem without a solution.

And it also makes every draft even more important for Orlando. And recently, our big picks just haven’t been able to stay healthy.

But we can’t close the door completely. Maybe the money and the calculator will ring in right with a particular player and we can indeed have another marquee star. Maybe sell some more jerseys.

And the next time free agency comes along, we can actually be part of the fun.

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