Here are all of the nominees I voted for in The Game Awards

On Wednesday, the nominees were announced for the Game Awards that will take place on December 10th over streaming. The field was definitely competitive this year, especially in the Game Of The Year category. I could see almost any of them taking a win.

Here are the major categories I voted in.

Game Of The Year:
Animal Crossing was a movement that thrived in this pandemic. It was serene and pleasant during a time when everything outside in the real world was not. They lost some points from me from throwing up some political signs but you can’t stay mad at this game.

Best Narrative:
The Last Of Us Part II had this one wrapped up from it’s announcement really and it didn’t let us down. It a saturated post apocalyptic genre, this one still rises above the pack.

Games For Impact:

Didn’t vote. I’m not looking for a message from my games and like many of you, just want an escape.

Best Mobile Game:

I couldn’t say no to Among Us and I know you couldn’t either! It’s about pulling in everybody and this game does just that.

Best RPG: Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Best Fighting: Mortal Kombat Ultimate 11: John. Rambo.

Best Sports Game: NBA2K21

Best Multiplayer: Call of Duty: Warzone. You read this blog. Don’t you.

Best Content Producer: Me. Not really. Fans of all the nominees really.

There are many more categories out there. Hit that website and get your voice heard. We all love gaming and it’s important to reward excellence if we want to move it forward.

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