The Bachelorette: Baby Carlos, Wolverine, and Lita is what gave us the best show of the season so far

Last night was the best episode of “The Bachelorette” this season so far.

Here is what we loved.

We loved Carlos the Baby, which was given to Ed as the “girlie man” award for failing the first challenge of the evening. Bachelor show runners added nice touches like having Ed cover the toy baby’s ears during a fight and a wardrobe change later in the evening. Sadly, Carlos didn’t go to the rose ceremony. If we don’t see him again, we need him at the “Tell All” episode.

Chasen thinks he’s “Wolverine” and mentioned it no less than six times last night. While every man would love to think they’re Hugh Jackman as one of the most iconic super heroes of all time, they can’t be. He’ll make a good heel moving forward though.

Finally, I can’t express how much a pleasant surprise it was to see Amy Dumas on last night’s show during the cage fighting segment. Dumas was “Lita” on WWE programming for years and a multi time champion that remains a fan favorite to this day. Great to see her.

Honorable mentions:

Bennett touted a Harvard education but can’t do math. He was also wearing a bath robe for a portion of the evening which has fit in perfectly with the “high class” brand he’s built for himself. He remains a fan favorite but “buzz” guys like him rarely win it all. Enjoy him while he’s around.

Tayshia has been really easy to root for. It’s been all about the energy she’s bringing to the show since arriving. While there are sure to be tears in the coming weeks, she’s got great appeal to this demanding audience right now.

We’ll be back next week.

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