With a vaccine possibly in sight Orlando leaders must take a stand against blatant COVID non compliance

“We’re so close to the potential beginning of the end of this pandemic.”

That’s what crosses my mind when I think about taking a risk that could expose myself or anyone I love to COVID 19.

We’re days away from going to the FDA for approval. Deployment could begin as early as next month and sometime next year, most of us could all be vaccinated.

Some businesses in Orlando are acting like it’s already over, others never took it seriously to begin with (story HERE).

Which is why our leaders need to take a stand and start writing fines, and if need be… close down non compliant businesses.

Coming from me, that’s a big deal.

Listen, I’m the first to want to hear why local government is making life hard for our business owners when a story comes our way. And I curse every tax and fee that many of these politicians fling at us like we’ve got nothing else to spend our money on.

But if you’re being reckless. Or just plain being a @!^*, when the strike teams come in to ask a few questions, then you need to held accountable. You’re the ones making the rest of us look bad.

And you deserve to pay the price.

Don’t worry. When this is all over, we’ll be friends again and I’m sure local government, especially in Orange County, will do something goofy to get me fighting for you again.

But for just a few months more. Wear the masks. Keep your customers separated. And keep some sanitizer on hand.

And local leaders. I know there is some extra paperwork involved here, and you might have to stay late a couple of times over the next few weeks, but if you’re serious about this crack down, then do it.

That’s not asking too much.

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