Clemson football trolls still wanted to play Florida State after bringing a symptomatic COVID positive player to the game

Clemson trolls online, in a feverish fit to get back to the National Championship game, protested the postponement of their football game against the Florida State Seminoles on Saturday due to one of their players testing positive for COVID 19.

A symptomatic player testing positive for COVID 19 that they brought to Tallahassee.

Still, they wanted to play the game and put all of those young athletes at risk.

In a sign of ignorance youth, their all world, Heisman winner, and future NFL franchise quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, tweeted this..

But Lawrence was far from alone. The entire Clemson culture was ready to play the game in the midst of this COVID spike ahead of the holidays.

And keep in mind. The game hasn’t been cancelled. Just postponed.

“We are disappointed that we will not be able to play today’s game against Florida State,” tweeted Clemson AD Dan Radakovich. “Clemson has followed all of the ACC’s protocol in preparation for this game.” (according to ESPN)

That is their dog-gone AD saying that.

Listen, I’m from Florida and I understand how big college football is. But it’s enough of a risk that we’re playing these games already. And let’s not pretend this game was actually going to be competitive. Florida State is awful this year and that was going to be a beating.

Still, the Clemson trolls were thirsty for blood. And some of them wouldn’t let a dangerous pandemic stop them from getting their precious roll over game.

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