Welcome to Florida, Toronto Raptors, you won’t want to go back to Canada

We have guests!

Because Canada doesn’t like basketball and can’t throw up a bubble like we can here in Florida, their only NBA team, the Toronto Raptors will kick off next season calling the Sunshine State home.

The Raptors should make themselves at home. It’s a great place to be.

Really, the truth here is that in addition to warmer weather, better food, two existing NBA teams, and all of the fun, Tampa is a fine market. You can ask their football team, basketball team, and world champion hockey team.

Isn’t that ironic? That the Raptors would leave Canada to come down here to Florida and actually move closer to a better hockey team?

Life is strange.

But the Raptors are still a good squad and they’ll make some fans down in Tampa.

Really, Miami and Orlando should use this opportunity to emphasize how great the environment is for players down here. This area really should be the prime location for all free agents ready to try something new.

Not Los Angeles, where everything costs a fortune and your sharing a building and a fan base.

And certainly not New York, who hasn’t won a championship in our lifetimes and is freezing for a large part of the year.

Miami and Orlando. Warm, low cost living, where you can make your own legend and have your own dedicated pool of fans. And also real pools for swimming.

Welcome Toronto Raptors. We’re happy to have you in Tampa and in the finest state in the country.

It’s a better place to be than the place you just left.

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