WWE Survivor Series 2020: Drew vs. Roman lives up to hype and the rest of the show was just okay


Survivor Series 2020 from Orlando, Florida, is in the books. And it was fine. I really enjoyed the main event of the brand vs. brand pay per view that gave us Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntrye. After that awesome segment they had on Friday night, I wasn’t the least bit surprise (story HERE) they gave us the match of the night. There were some great back and forths between the two and even though Roman won the match, both champions looked strong.

I’m really surprised the Miz didn’t try to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Some other notes from the show:

– The men’s Survivor Series elimination match was fine. Having a RAW sweep was a bold decision but we still got to see everything we wanted. Critics think Big E should have been in the match. They were right. Seth Rollin’s “sacrifice” was dumb and we’re all over the “messiah” gimmick.

– Asuka vs. Sasha was fine. We’ve seen this match a couple of times this year and that kind of deflated the excitement. Still Sasha has Mandalorian momentum right now and having her win was fine with me.

– Bianca Belair’s athleticism was the highlight for me in the women’s Survivor Series match. I would have liked seeing her be the sole survivor but it didn’t happen. I also liked the mini bump Peyton Royce got during the match. Having her beat Bayley first was bold. That ending with Lana didn’t do it for me.

– I’ve been fortunate enough to have been around for all of the Undertaker’s 30 years as a fan. And while I’m grateful for all he’s done, it seems like we’ve said goodbye to him four times already. And going out to piped in crowd noise in an empty building just seems wrong.

And you know in your heart this isn’t good bye.

Finally, the Amway Center in my hometown of Orlando looked great. I’ll be sad to see the WWE leave it to go to Tropicana Field in Tampa.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Monday Night RAW.

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