Yeah, let Will Ferrell host a real episode of Jeopardy

On Monday, Jeopardy! show runners announced that they would continue production after it’s final Alex Trebek episodes have aired at the end of December. Trebek died earlier this month after a long battle with cancer.

And production will continue with a series of guests hosts, the first one being Ken Jennings, who is widely regarded as the greatest Jeopardy player of all time.

Since the news came down, many social media users have begun naming people they would like to see host the program.

One of those names? Will Ferrell, who hosted the hilarious Celebrity Jeopardy parody on Saturday Night Live over several seasons. Trebek approved of the spoof and even appeared during one of the popular skits.

Why not let him Ferrell host a real show?

The first round of hosts should be important to the legacy of the show. Jennings certainly meets the criteria and yes, Will Ferrell does too. Heck, let him host the show as Ron Burgundy.

There are other popular choices to be the next Jeopardy host which have included Levar Burton, Anderson Cooper, Howie Mandel, and Erin Andrews.

Give them all a try out.

The important thing here is that we’re celebrating the game and the work Alex Trebek did. I believe that if we’re properly doing that then the game will be stronger moving into the future regardless of who the next host is.

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