It is an absolute crime that the Weeknd wasn’t nominated at the Grammys this year

In what will likely be one of the biggest award ceremony snubs of 2021, if not the biggest, The Weeknd, did not receive any major nominations at the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards.

This is the same artist that will be headlining the SuperBowl half time show, around the same time of the ceremony and the same artist that performs “Blinding Lights”, one of the best and most played songs on radio stations around the world this year.

That musician will not have the opportunity to be honored this year at the ceremony.

Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

We’ve discussed how the Weeknd’s music might go over the head’s of many (story HERE).

His style is very unique and different from many of the other nominees. He’s an artist. The art for his latest album “After Hours” features him bloodied and covered in bandages. This is to raise awareness of drunk driving but many casual observers won’t research that far.

In the past, he’s also lit himself on fire in one of his music videos. He does things very differently than a lot of other artists.

Is this the answer? Well, probably not. There are plenty of other musicians who take chances in the style field. Look at Lady Ga Ga, who’s alternative and often wild looks went on for a couple of years. She still has plenty of hardware. And you’ve also had Eminem, who used to openly joke about the ceremony but has still performed and won there.

We just don’t know. And perhaps that’s what makes it so frustrating. In any case, it’s wrong.

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