The Bachelorette: Highlights were Ed drinking wine with Chris, Cow intestine smoothies, and Bennett rapping

Tayshia Adams continued her quest for love on “The Bachelorette” and tonight’s episode gave us no shortage of subjects to talk about.

First, we’ve got to talk about the musical challenge at the top of the show. Fan favorite Bennett, who raps as well as you would expected from a 36 year old wealth management manager from New York to rap had some dope ryhmes.

Neither Tayshia, nor the internet was impressed.

It would be Ivan that would win the challenge and would have a pleasant (and meaningful) one on one with our Bachelorette that would earn him a rose. He’ll be a fan favorite moving forward.

Then we had a challenge that consisted of our guys running around the resort drinking cow intestine smoothies, having fake orgasms into the resort PA system, and having Bachelorette host Chris Harrison signing his autographs on their rear ends. ABC prime time television, guys.

And then was my favorite part of the show, which was Ed trying to visit Tayshia late at night and instead ending up in Chris Harrison’s room. The two would have an awkward but ultimately pleasant conversation. Great and funny TV.

The rose ceremony set up next week nicely. It looks like we’re going to have a Bennett vs. Noah confrontation that should play out well both on screen and in social media.

A fun episode this week. We’ll all be back again after the Thanksgiving holiday ready to go.

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