Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods from the WWE gets G4 TV gig following successful social media campaign

Austin Creed, better known as Xavier Woods, one part of the WWE’s New Day, has landed his gig with the new G4 TV, following a successful social media campaign that drummed up enough support for G4 to make the decision.

FTR was also vocal about G4 pulling the trigger on the Creed hire (story HERE), the WWE Superstar is an actual video game player with his own built in fan base. He also has years of on camera experience and a sharp personality on air.

This was a great call by G4 that should result in both parties winning.

What I was concerned about was G4 going down the unknowledgeable route with their on air people. I’m talking about talent that may look the part but not know TV or video games, or know the product and be absolutely void of personality when the cameras come on.

There shouldn’t be any of those problems with Austin Creed.

And it’s also a plus for the WWE talent, because wrestlers can’t perform forever. He’s been injured recently and the saddest thing is to watched these beloved personalities falter after they’ve left the ring. Forward planning is very much a part of a wrestler’s career here in 2020.

Really, I can’t wait to hear more announcements from G4, I’m hoping for some really great programming that I can look forward to daily. And for the network to once again take it’s place at the top of the gaming conversation. It’s needed now more than ever.

You watch the announcement video below…

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