Internet Trolls were mad that Dick Vitale was discussing the final chapter of his life during their basketball game

“You’re going to miss Dick Vitale when he’s gone.”

That’s exactly what I would say to all of the internet trolls who took to social media on Wednesday, to complain that ESPN was taking up too much time talking to the legendary college basketball commentator during their Illinois vs. Ohio State Broadcast.

The 81 year old, who has delighted generations with his energetic calls, was sad that the pandemic was keeping fans away from games and misses interacting with them.

“I wonder if I’ll ever do that again, because my clock is running out. I’m in the final chapter. But I”m going to make it the best chapter!”

The trolls didn’t like that.

Most of the trolls were Ohio State Buckeyes fans, who have had problems in the past learning their manners. This includes going after other on air sports personalities like Kirk Herbstreit. One of their own. Happy Thanksgiving guys.

We really should appreciate any time we have with Dick Vitale. There will never be anyone like him in College Basketball again.

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