Internet Trolls were calling for Creed during halftime of the Washington vs. Dallas Thanksgiving football game

Despite what was actually a pretty good performance from country star, Kane Brown, the internet trolls were in top form on Thanksgiving, for the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team half time show.

Basically, they were calling for Creed.

More specifically, they were calling for the Scott Stapp fronted arena rock band, who also played in Dallas during the 2001 halftime show. The program featured a rousing rendition of “Higher” which was featured on the “Titan AE” movie marketing campaign (and never actually appears in the movie), on a show that featured flying bald men zipping up and down the field.

It also didn’t help that the Kane Brown show was taped, a big “no-no” for football fans that seem to become American Idol judges for 15 minutes between halves.

But you guys want to talk about Creed.

The band’s big run was between 97-03 when they released albums, My Own Prison, Human Clay, and Weathered. In addition to “Higher”, other big hits included “What’s This Life For?” and “Pity for a Dime”. They also appeared on the Scream 2 soundtrack in 1999.

The name of their song? “What If”

Kane Brown also performed a song named “What If” with Lauren Alaina during his show this time around.

The internet troll circle of life.

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