Social Media went to war debating whether the Sarah Fuller kick was a designed squib or just botched

The internet is currently melting down right now after Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in a Power 5 College Football game, when she kicked off the second half for Vanderbilt in their game against Missouri.

Despite being a positive event in any regard, the debate is currently raging over whether Fuller’s kick was a squib or just a bad kick.

Reports indicate it to be a designed squib.

A squib is a line drive, bouncing kick, meant to throw off the receiving team and prevent a big return. Vanderbilt was losing badly at the time and the intent could have been to try and get any spark going to push some momentum to their side. Or it also could have been to let Fuller enjoy her moment with the intent of not allowing a bad defense to give up a touchdown.

But for those who said it was a botched kick, they were are also correct in saying that there is no fundamental football reason to perform a squib at the beginning of the second half. Also, kicking isn’t easy. NFL professionals miss game winning field goals all of the time.

But the debate appears to have been settled.

The game isn’t finished. A post game press conference with Fuller and the Vandy Head Coach could clear up a lot. And there is also the chance that she gets another opportunity to put some points on the board, which would make this current debate even more moot.

**After the game, Vanderbilt Head Coach, Derek Mason confirmed to ESPN that it was a designed squib kick (story HERE)**

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  1. Right. What is the coach supposed to say?: Yes, she really screwed up the kick. The refs should be fired for allowing 3 Vanderbilt players to be offsides during the kick. This is a joke publicity stunt for a joke of a program.

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