Disney hopes wishing well coins will help us forget about additional theme park layoffs

Mickey Mouse is a ruthless businessman. He’s also a clever public relations manipulator.

Right before the holiday weekend, Disney announced an additional 4,000 layoffs at it’s theme parks. This was in addition to the original number of 28,000 (story HERE). This was done right before the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, when no one was looking. Everyone was already in family and turkey mode in the middle of a pandemic, when we were all to busy to consume any news.

And then the next day, they announced that they would be donating all of their wishing fountain coins to a homeless charity. You know the kind. Pennies, nickels and dimes, we all throw into the water before making a wish. The grand total was believed to have been around 20,000 (story HERE).

It’s likely that Disney spends more than that on air freshener at it’s resorts.

But the sad part is that many of the people that will benefit from the services of homeless shelters are current or former Disney employees, who remain underpaid in an Orlando community with low wages that are too low and a terrible affordable housing problem that effects everyone. Including myself.

But the audacity of this two pronged public relations scheme is just mean, and thousands of people laid off in an exchange for some wet spare change is an insult to the intelligence of everyone in Central Florida.

And Disney’s campaign contributions will keep Orlando politicians quiet.

The priority for Disney has always been protecting it’s executives at the cost of it’s workers which make their entire operation possible. Throwing change at our feet is just adding insult to injury.

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