No, Jack Sparrow House on Quibi isn’t real, no matter how much you wish it were

Earlier today, the soon to be discontinued streaming service, Quibi, was trending. And more specifically, Jack Sparrow House, a fake program that was never offered on the service, nor will it ever be.

As first noted by, the now viral social media post is by comedian, Roy Strahan Mauk, who tailored the fake Wikipedia description to say

Jack Sparrow House was a reality television show that streamed on Quibi. The television show placed fourteen Jack Sparrow impersonators in a single family home, who were eliminated if they broke character. Quibi head of content Colin Davis described the show as “more of an endurance contest than a true talent competition.” Quibi head of brand and marketing Megan Imbres described the show as “the source of a significant amount of litigation.” Three contestants were kicked off the show after separate public defecation incidents, and one contestant was forced to withdraw upon discovering the house was within 500 feet of an elementary school.

The sad irony in all of this and what probably brought you to this website, was that potential viewers wished this had been a real show.

Quibi will go down one of the biggest streaming failures in recent memory. The app which featured bite-sized episodes of major productions starring big names, that were designed to be watched on your phone, never picked up steam despite it’s massive start up capital.

According to it’s website, Quibi is scheduled to stop streaming on December 1st.

But if I know TV producers, they’re probably considering Jack Sparrow House right now.

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